1. TRC has been in business for 30 years with TOP RATINGS from both Houston and BBB. Check us out!

2. TRC is a certified installer of GAF/Elk and Owens Corning roofing products – www.tejasroofingandcontracting.com

3. TRC is a PREFERRED CONTRACTOR of major insurance carriers. This makes us pre-qualified in performing various roofing projects. We take pride in doing the job right the first time. If there is any leak within 3 years from installation, we will fix the leak and repair the sheetrock.

4.  TRC roofing experts have been with us over 15 years. They attend seminars on proper roof installation per code and per manufactures specs. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing their roof installation will be done by a company who has been in business a long time. TRC has excellent records from long years of experience.

5.  TRC roofers make sure that nails go all the way through the shingle to the deck. If a nail is not intact, it will eventually protrude through the shingle in 3 to 4 years in harsh weather conditions. Our roofers always carry a hammer to secure all nails throughout a roofing project.

6.  TRC roofers install Peel & Seal at the base of a brick or wood chimney before putting the step flashing & shingles back. They check the metal cap and siding on wood chimneys for potential leak problems. They also check roof crickets which are a major source of leaks. Flashings will be secured in place with screws instead of nails which pop out over time.

NOTE: When choosing a contractor, ask for exact details on chimney installation.

7.  TRC roof installation could take up to 3 days at most, depending on the pitch of the roof. Our professional roofers can do it right and on time. We are BBB-accredited, and our 30 years in the industry is unparalleled.

8.  TRC checks all work thoroughly upon completion to make sure there are no torn screens, broken window glass, damaged sidings, marked up driveways, pool equipment or lights.

9.  TRC will clean out the gutters after the job has been completed. We run a magnet for nails in the yard and pick up debris.

10.  TRC roofs come with a 10-year labor warranty and a LIFETIME SYSTEM PLUS WARRANTY on materials directly from GAF.

TRC installs Peel & Seal at the base of a brick or wood chimney before we put the step flashing & shingles back.For wood chimneys, we check the metal cap, the wood siding, & corners as all can leak. Important to also check the crickets behind the chimneys, another major source of leaks. Finally, flashing located at the front of the chimney TRC never uses nails here, we use SCREWS. Nails pop up over time. When choosing a contractor ask for exact details on installation chimneys. This is an important question they should furnish you with a detailed explanation