New Roof

This is your home’s first defense against the elements. With a new roof, your home can withstand the effects of wind, water, sunlight and heat. We change old roofs with new ones using sturdy materials and make sure these are installed properly.

Specialty Roof System

Tejas Roofing Company has various roofing systems to choose from. We have Symphony, Decra and TruSlate by GAF to name a few. Bring all your designer choices to us then we’ll customize these services to meet your wishes.

Roof Repair

Tejas Roofing Company has a repair truck that is now famous! Whatever damages your roof has, CALL US! Most repairs are under $500.00. At Tejas, those hard to find pesky repairs that no one has been able to resolve are our specialty. Having a professional resolve leaks will save you hundreds of dollars and will prolong the life of your existing roof.


Our remodeling services will make the current set up of your home better! Improvements in structure would be done like making changes and additions. We’ll also eliminate factors that don’t make an area look good. We can change the size, the theme, and even the function of an area with our home remodeling services.


Painting changes how a room looks. With our painting services, we can make positive differences that will make any area in the home look better. We employ excellent painting techniques and incorporate wonderful ideas that will change and improve how an entire room looks.

Sheet Rock

To add durability to your walls and ceilings, we provide sheet rock services. Sheet rock, when applied, will make the surface smoother and make it easier to paint or hang wallpapers on. It can also help when installing lights or ceiling tiles.


Tejas Roofing and Contracting will repair your existing fence or install a new one. Our custom service will improve your home’s value and add safety by protecting your privacy.

Hardy Plank Siding

This is a premium brand of cement board that is most often used for siding purposes. It is resistant to fire and heat and requires less overall maintenance. It doesn’t rot and can hold paint for many years.