Houston’s Premier Roofing Company

Tejas Roofing and Contracting understands the American standards that have made our nation great. While those standards may be old fashioned to some, at Tejas Roofing and Contracting those standards are yardsticks for everyday operation.

Homeowners that trust Tejas Roofing and Contracting for their roofing needs deserve and get our complete commitment to making their needs a priority from start to finish. In today’s world, where shoddy work and unexpected demands are the norm, Tejas Roofing and Contracting has the experience that counts to guarantee exceptional service. Through the years, Tejas Roofing and Contracting’s commitment to each customer has not been an idle claim but a track record that can be easily verified.

In 1984 Tejas began a long relationship of installing roofing for Sears until 1995 when that part of the business was sold.

Tejas installed many of the various roofs at Astroworld from the 1990 until 2004 when Astroworld retired from the Houston scene.

Tejas also has a long history of working with non-profit organizations that assists Houston’s most needy with new roofs & complete home remodels for the past 17 years.

Why use Tejas Roofing and Contracting? We do it right the first time. Call us—Let our experience work for you.
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